Investigators in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (HOPP) at Memorial Sloan Kettering have one foot in the lab and one foot in the clinic. Positioned at the forefront of translational research, HOPP investigators are uniquely situated to bridge gaps between the basic science and clinical research worlds. HOPP’s research programs span multiple cancer types, and its scientists employ innovative technologies, often redefining how we find, develop, and test new cancer therapies. The program also supports graduate and postdoctoral training for physicians and scientists who want to serve at the cutting-edge of translational cancer research.

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charles sawyers

HOPP Chair Charles Sawyers (center) with research fellows Ping Mu and Elizabeth Adams


Education & Training

HOPP is dedicated to training physicians and scientists at all levels for careers at the forefront of translational cancer research.

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Experimental Drug for Low-Grade Glioma With IDH Gene Mutation Shows Promise
A new experimental drug could be an effective treatment for some people with low-grade glioma.
New mRNA Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Trial Starts Next Phase
Learn how MSK researchers are deploying mRNA vaccines against pancreatic cancer.
New Research Shows How Cancer Rewires a Key Immune Pathway To Spread
A collaboration between MSK and Weill Cornell Medicine discovered a new relationship between cancer cells and the immune system, and shows how cancer can selfishly hijack a normally helpful immune pathway.

In the Lab

Potential Drug Shows Promise Targeting a Range of KRAS-Driven Cancers in the Lab
MSK investigators report exciting results for a new molecule that can block 16 different mutated forms of the KRAS protein. In the lab, the compound was effective against many cancer cell lines and in mouse models of lung cancer and colorectal cancer.
Pinpoint Accuracy: How Dr. Elenitoba-Johnson Helps Lead the Diagnosis of Cancer at MSK
Learn about Dr. Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, who leads teams of Memorial Sloan Kettering experts in interpreting lab tests and diagnosing cancer as the inaugural Chair of the MSK Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. He is also a member in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program.

In the Clinic

How a Combination Therapy Developed at MSK Benefits People With a Rare Gastrointestinal Cancer
MSK researchers recently reported results of a phase 2 trial for GIST, a rare form of gastrointestinal cancer. The trial was based on years of lab work conducted by physician-scientist Ping Chi.
A Young Scientist Earns MSK Fellowship: Here’s When He Had His ‘Aha’ Moment
Chris Bourne is the first recipient of the MERIT Sawyers Fellowship.

In the Lab

Researchers Uncover New Findings about KRAS, an Important Protein in Cancer
Researchers have taken a closer look at what a protein called KRAS does in normal cells and how certain KRAS mutations lead to for cancer growth.
Unusual Immune Cell Type Could Be Good Target for Immunotherapy
Part natural killer, part T cell, this hybrid immune cell has a “double sword” for fighting cancer.


New Grant Awarded to MSK for Efforts in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Research
The Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) grant will fund efforts focusing on the development of new treatments.
New mRNA Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Trial Starts Next Phase
Learn how MSK researchers are deploying mRNA vaccines against pancreatic cancer.


Open Source: MSK Researchers Share Valuable Cancer Data
The cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics, developed by computational biologists at MSK more than a decade ago, provides valuable data on the genetic makeup of tumors for the broader cancer community.