MSK Physicians at Norwalk Hospital

MSK Physicians at Norwalk Hospital

MSK Physicians at Norwalk Hospital

From left: Medical oncologist Linda Vahdat, radiation oncologist Daniel Shasha, and medical physicist Hsiang-Chi (Gary) Kuo, are the MSK staff members who will be working at Norwalk Hospital.

Memorial Sloan Kettering and Norwalk Hospital are pleased to announce a new collaboration aimed at bringing the latest advances in cancer care to patients in their community. Working together, both organizations will elevate the level of care available to people in Fairfield County.

MSK is one of the top two cancer hospitals in the nation, and the number-one cancer care facility in the Northeast. Bringing MSK’s experienced doctors to directly to a community hospital helps patients access the latest research advances and change the standard of care faster. Patients of Norwalk Hospital will remain patients there, and qualified patients will gain access to MSK’s clinical trials at MSK Westchester.

As part of this new care delivery model, MSK has recruited two specialized physicians in medical and radiation oncology as well as an experienced physicist.

Meet the MSK Physicians at Norwalk Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering breast medical oncologist Linda Vahdat
Linda T. Vahdat

Chief of Medical Oncology and Clinical Director of Cancer Services, Norwalk Hospital

Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Philip Gilbo
Philip Gilbo
Medical physicist Hsiang-Chi Kuo
Hsiang-Chi Kuo

Chief Physicist in the Radiation Oncology Department at Norwalk Hospital

Radiation oncologist Daniel Shasha
Daniel Shasha

Chief of Radiation Oncology, Norwalk Hospital


In addition, six current cancer care physicians at Norwalk Hospital will be joining the medical staff at MSK. They will collaborate closely with the MSK doctors onsite at Norwalk, and at MSK’s other locations.