Preventing An Allergic Reaction to Contrast Media

This information will help prevent an allergic reaction to the contrast media you will receive during your CT scan.

There are many reasons a person could have a reaction to contrast media. Your doctor has decided you need to take medication to prevent or make you less likely to have a reaction. Most people take a medication called prednisone. If you cannot swallow pills, tell your doctor. He or she will tell you what to do instead.

You are scheduled to have a CT scan on __________ at __________ AM | PM. If the time of your CT has changed, you will need to change the times you take the prednisone. The first dose should be taken 13 hours before the CT scan, the second dose 7 hours before, and the third dose, 1 hour before. If you have any questions about when to take your medication, ask your nurse.

  • Your doctor wants you to take 3 doses of prednisone. Take 1 (50 mg) tablet at:

           _____ AM | PM (13 hours before your CT scan) on__________(date)

           _____ AM | PM (7 hours before your CT scan) on__________(date)

           _____ AM | PM (1 hour before your CT scan) on__________(date)

  • If your doctor wants you take any additional medication or any medication instead, your doctor or nurse will write in the name of it below. Take: __________ at _____ AM | PM, 1 hour before you are scheduled to have the CT scan.



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