Email Security and Management - Proofpoint


As part of the updates to MSK’s email experience in 2023, external recipients of secure emails from MSK addresses will need to register for an account to view the secure emails you send. This will help ensure that only the intended recipient can view sensitive information contained in emails sent with MSKSecure, which remains available from the new message window in Outlook. 

The steps below reflect the recipient’s experience upon receiving a secure email from an MSK sender. Click here to download a PDF version of this article that can be shared with external recipients of secure emails.

1. The recipient will receive the email notification below and should click the Click here button.

2. The recipient will then be taken to the registration page to create an account if they have not done so already. The recipient should type in their information and create a password.

3. A validation code will be sent to their email address from Proofpoint – [email protected]. This code should be entered in the Validation Code field. Click Continue to complete the registration process. 

4. The recipient will then be taken to their secure inbox where they can view, reply to, and save their secure messages from MSK.

5. For resources on using the Proofpoint system, recipients can click the Help button.

6. Recipients will need to log in to their secure mailbox each time they receive a secure message from MSK using the email address and password they previously registered with. If recipients need to reset their password, they can click Forgot Password. If a user is seeing the message “Please Try Again Later” — their account is locked because of too many failed login attempts. They will need to try again in 3 minutes. Select Forgot Password on the login screen to reset your password.