What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer and Fertility


Join us for an important talk about fertility after a breast cancer diagnosis. During this event, MSK experts will discuss:

  • Safety data on pregnancy after breast cancer, including information about specific types of breast cancer, such as receptor-positive and BRCA-positive
  • Optimal timing for pregnancy after diagnosis
  • Pregnancy outcomes
  • Fertility options before and after cancer treatment

This event is for people with breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, and partners who are thinking about getting pregnant or have questions about pregnancy after breast cancer.

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Jasmeet C. Singh, MD

Dr. Jasmeet C. Singh is a medical oncologist who specializes in caring for patients with breast cancer. She takes pride in providing patients with the best cancer care in collaboration with surgical and radiation oncology colleagues. Dr. Singh and her MSK colleagues work to provide clinical support during and after cancer treatment. Dr. Singh is actively involved in research at MSK, and most recently published a phase II clinical trial for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer as lead author, in addition to many other authored articles and textbook chapters in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Singh takes an active role in the education of medical residents and fellows, as well as in the community outreach projects.  

Rosemary Semler, RN

Rosemary (Rose) Semler is a Fertility Nurse Specialist in the Cancer and Fertility Program at MSK. Rose helps patients and their families to learn about the risks that treatment can pose to fertility and fertility preservation options that are available. Rose helps patients explore options for building a family after treatment. Prior to her work in fertility preservation, Rose has worked as a clinical nurse specialist in urology, chemotherapy administration, and nursing leadership at MSK. Rose has a background in maternal child health. She currently holds an Advanced Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist certification and has had several articles published in peer-reviewed journals.