Yoga for Beginners


New to yoga? Start here with our Yoga for Beginners class, a six-week introduction of gentle yoga and breathing exercises taught in a safe and supportive method. Starting a yoga practice can help renew your sense of body positivity, self-confidence, and resilience.  In this class you will learn, repeat, and add-on to a coordinated flowing series of postures to increase your range of motion, improve posture, and build physical strength.  

Yoga classes at MSK are taught by certified teachers with specialized experience. They have received extensive training to teach yoga to people diagnosed with cancer. Our teachers will modify any part of the class to make you feel more comfortable and help you achieve your fitness goals. 


This class is for all people who have been diagnosed with cancer. People with joint pain, decreased bone mass, and other post-treatment concerns, will find yoga to be a safer form of exercise than running, weight-lifting, or high-impact sports.  

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Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center
1429 First Avenue
1st floor fitness room
New York, NY 10021

Registration Details

Registration for this workshop is required. Please call the Integrative Medicine Service at 646-888-0800 to register and learn more about this class.  

Class Fee
There is a fee of $120 to participate in this workshop, which includes six classes of personalized instruction with a certified yoga therapist instructor.