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Please Visit Pathology Portal when submitting only digital images for a second opinion review.

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Even if you are not able to travel to New York City for an appointment, you can still receive the medical opinion of one of MSK’s world-class pathologists.

To help us assess your case, please use the form below or call 212-639-6780 Monday through Friday to (Eastern time).


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We respectfully request, in addition to the H&E slides, a block (preferable) or unstained slides to expedite cases in the event that ancillary studies are required to render a diagnosis. By definition, these are challenging cases that often necessitate such studies.

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The minimum charge for a pathology consultation is $475. Any additional testing that is necessary to render a diagnosis (including immunohistochemistry stains) will be charged in addition to this fee. MSK will bill either your insurance or the patient / consult requestor directly. Please verify that MSK accepts your insurance by calling 646-227-3228.
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