About the MyMSK Patient Portal & App

About the MyMSK Patient Portal & App


At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, our doctors, nurses, and specialists work as a team to give the best possible care. To support our patients and caregivers during this process, we offer access to a patient portal, MyMSK.

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An Introduction to MyMSK

MSK patients and caregivers can access health information in MyMSK, our patient portal.
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Stay connected to your care with MyMSK

Before your first appointment, you can use MyMSK to:

  • Upload medical records.
  • Manage appointments.
  • Get helpful tips and information for the day of your appointment.

After your first appointment, you can do even more with MyMSK, including:

  • See your medical information. 
  • View your test results. 
  • Manage your appointments.  
  • Connect to a telemedicine visit. 
  • Message your provider. 
  • Request a prescription refill. 
  • Fill out health questionnaires.  
  • Read patient education information. 
  • View and pay bills. 
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How to Enroll in MyMSK

Learn how to enroll in MyMSK, a secure website that enables you to access information about your care at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
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How to enroll in MyMSK

You can create a MyMSK account at my.mskcc.org or on the MyMSK app using your enrollment ID.

Before your first appointment, you may have received an enrollment ID by email, or you can request one from a patient care advisor by calling 800-525-2225.

After your first appointment, you need an enrollment ID and your medical record number (MRN) to create a MyMSK account. You can find your MRN on your printed visit guide for an upcoming appointment or on a billing statement from MSK.

If you know your MRN, you can get an enrollment ID by calling the Help Desk at 800-248-0593. If you do not know your MRN, you can get your MRN and enrollment ID from the care coordinator at your doctor’s office. 

Download the MyMSK app

You can access MyMSK anytime and anywhere with the MyMSK app. Just search for “MyMSK” in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Learn more about how to download the MyMSK app and read frequently asked questions about the MyMSK app.

To use the app, log in with your MyMSK username and password.

With the app, you have access to even more features of MyMSK. You can save appointment details to the calendar on your mobile device, download and share your test results, and more.