Patient Experience Reviews for MSK Healthcare Providers


At MSK, we believe in giving you all the information you need to make decisions about your healthcare. As part of this commitment, we post star ratings and comments from verified patients on the profile pages of our healthcare providers.

These ratings and reviews are collected through our outpatient experience surveys. The surveys are conducted by an independent company called NRC Health by email, text message, and phone call. We use this feedback to continue to improve the care we provide.

In addition to the reviews described below, we also conduct other surveys and share data about patient satisfaction and experience from those surveys.

Star Ratings

The overall rating on a healthcare provider’s page is based on surveys that our patients filled out in the past 12 months. The rating is from 1 to 5, with 5 as the highest rating.

You can also see ratings from our patients about whether the doctor explained things clearly, listened carefully, is trusted by the patient, and if the patient is likely to recommend the doctor.

Comments from Patients

MSK is committed to sharing as much information as possible with our patients. We post all relevant feedback that is positive or negative. We do not edit comments. We may show that we have removed a patient’s name or other identifying details to protect a patient’s privacy. The only comments that we remove are comments that are offensive, libelous, or profane.

Healthcare Providers without Reviews

We post ratings for MSK healthcare providers who have at least 30 patient surveys completed. If you do not see a rating for a provider, it may be because they do not yet have enough survey responses, or the provider may not be part of the group of healthcare providers included in the survey. Only outpatient providers are included in the survey. Healthcare providers who only work in the hospital or in urgent care are not included in the survey. Pathologists or researchers who do not provide direct care to patients do not have ratings.

We hope these patient experience reviews help you during your search for a cancer care team.