Patient Experience Surveys & Ratings

Patient Experience Surveys & Ratings


At MSK, we’re committed to delivering the best care to every patient. To help make sure this happens, we send surveys to our patients after inpatient hospital stays and outpatient appointments.

You may receive a survey from us by mail, email, text message, or phone call. The surveys include questions about appointment scheduling, the room or facility, interactions with doctors and the care team, and the patient’s overall opinion of the care they received. We use this feedback from our patients to continue to improve our care.

The charts below show some of the results from our most recent surveys. For all of these surveys, patients rate many aspects of their experience on a scale of “very poor” to “very good.” The percentage of respondents who answered “very good” is called the top box score. The charts below show our top box scores in comparison to similar hospitals, also called our “peer group.” 

Inpatient Satisfaction Survey Results

Our inpatient surveys are conducted by Press Ganey. We compare our scores with a peer group of other hospitals in the Press Ganey database that also offer cancer treatment services.

The data shown below only reflect surveys given to inpatients (those who have a hospital stay).

The data shown below reflect survey responses from 2022.

Graph: Hospital Overview (Inpatients)

Graph: Professional Services (Inpatients)

Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Results

We are currently conducting two types of outpatient surveys.

We send a survey through Press Ganey to some patients after an outpatient appointment, so we can learn more about their experience with their care team. Outpatient appointments include all visits that take place in a healthcare provider’s office, including treatment visits. The peer group for this outpatient survey is 14 cancer centers and hospitals that offer cancer treatment, and includes members of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Consortium for Quality Improvement.

The data shown below reflect survey responses from 2022.

Graph: Outpatient Services Overview

We also send a survey from NRC Health to patients after outpatient appointments, so we can learn more about their experiences with a particular healthcare provider. To help you make the best choices about your care, we post some of the information from this survey on the profile pages of our doctors. Learn more about this patient experience survey.

If you have questions about these surveys and ratings, please email our Patient Experience team at [email protected].