Weekly Schedule of Conferences

Sponsoring Department Conference Date Time
Urology Didactic Lecture † Monday 7:00 am
Surgery Surgical Grand Rounds † Monday 8:00 am
Urology Urology Research Conference* † Tuesday 5:00 pm
Urology/Gynecology Pelvic Reconstruction Meeting 2nd Tuesday 7:00 am
Urology Genitourinary Urology Grand Rounds † Wednesday 7:00 am
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Presidents Research Seminars 1st Wednesday 4:30 pm
Urology/Medicine SPORE Scientific Seminar Thursday 12:30 pm
Urology Prostate Cancer Working Group Friday 9:00 am

*Journal Club, Morbidity/Mortality, Ongoing Lab Research
† Required attendance for all fellows, residents and students