ITRSC Pre-Learning Material

Immunology 101 for Clinical Oncologists


1. Cells of the Immune System: Dr. Andrea Schietinger
2. Antibodies 101: Dr. Jeffrey Ravetch
3. Cellular Therapy 101: Dr. Renier Brentjens

Clinical Trials 101 for the Non-Clinician


4. Oncology Drug Development 101: Dr. Jedd Wolchok
5. Clinical Trials: Dr. Margaret Callahan and Dr. Katherine Panageas
6. What Does it Take to Get FDA Approval?: Dr. Matthew Hellmann
7. Integrating Surgery: Dr. Charlotte Ariyan
8. Bi-Specific Antibodies: Dr. Sandra D’Angelo
9. Beyond T Cells: Dr. Claire Friedman

Mentoring Videos from Dr. Ruth Gotian


10. Amplifying the Voice of Your Mentees
11. Developing Your Mentoring Team
12. Finding a Sponsor
13. Finding the Perfect Mentor
14. How to Start a Conversation with a Stranger
15. Improving Your Time Management
16. How to Effectively Answer the “What Do You Do?” Question
17. Why You Need a Role Model, Mentor, Coach and Sponsor