MSK CarePass

A photo showing an MSK CarePass electronic badge attached to a lanyard meant to hang around the neck

An MSK CarePass electronic badge attached to a lanyard

Your MSK CarePass electronic badge helps our staff to know where you are so we can improve your experience. The MSK CarePass gives you the flexibility to move around so you can visit other floors and take advantage of amenities at the site before your appointment. When your care team is ready for you, our staff can find you easily.  

You will be given an MSK CarePass badge each time you enter the site.

How to Wear an MSK CarePass

Your MSK CarePass should be visible at all times. Don’t cover it with clothing. Keep the button facing out.

When You Leave for the Day

Before you leave the site, drop your MSK CarePass in a badge return box, usually located in clinical areas, by elevators, or near the main door.

If you can’t find a badge return box, please give your pass to any front desk staff member.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wear the MSK CarePass?

It is best to wear the badge high on the body, attached to its lanyard. Keep the button facing out, and don’t cover or block the front of the pass.

Is the technology in the MSK CarePass safe for me?

The technology in the pass is safe and harmless. It will not interfere with any medical devices. It’s the same technology found in TV remote controls and garage door openers.

Does the MSK CarePass beep or buzz?

No. The MSK CarePass does not beep or buzz.

Is the MSK CarePass clean?

Yes. Each MSK CarePass and lanyard is sanitized after every use.  

Where should I leave the MSK CarePass?

You can drop it off at the front desk before you leave the floor or building or put it in a badge return box.