Is a Lung Screening Right for You?


This tool is designed by Memorial Sloan Kettering to help individuals who previously smoked to assess their risk for developing lung cancer and provide personalized next steps. We follow the recommendations of the National Lung Screening Trial and the United States Preventive Services Taskforce for determining risk. Your answers to the following three questions will help determine if you meet the criteria for a quick, easy, and painless screening test that can detect early signs of lung cancer.

  • Answer three questions.
  • Find out if a lung screening is right for you.
  • If a lung screening is recommended, schedule your appointment online or call 646-497-9163. A Care Advisor will answer your questions and help schedule your screening at a Memorial Sloan Kettering location that is convenient for you. The screening takes only a few minutes, and many insurers cover the procedure.

If you would like to discuss this quiz, your results, or if we can answer any questions you have, please contact the Lung Cancer Screening Program office at [email protected] or 646-888-2007.

Lung Cancer Screening Assessment Tool

years old
2. Do you currently smoke, OR, are you a former smoker who quit within the last 15 years?
Amount Per Day Packs or Cigarettes Number of Years