MSK News Spring 2021

Cancer has a strong appetite for sugar. MSK scientists are learning how they can turn this hunger into an advantage, potentially tricking cancer cells into starving and destroying themselves. Read about this important work — and more — in our Spring issue.
Sweet Revenge: Taking Advantage of Cancer Cells’ Hunger for Sugar and Other Nutrients
Scientists at Memorial Sloan Kettering are learning how to turn cancer’s appetite against itself. Just recently, they observed high levels of fructose in the bone marrow of people with leukemia. The discovery pointed to other important questions.
Supporter Spotlight: Verdun Perry Turned Passion into Purpose
In 2007, Verdun “Vern” Perry opened an email inviting him to a Spinning fundraiser for rare cancer research. He immediately responded, “I’m in.”
Do the Right Thing: The MSK Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities Service Celebrates 10 Years
The MSK Immigrant Health & Cancer Disparities Service, led by Francesca Gany, improves people’s lives in communities that too often get overlooked and suffer disproportionately from cancer.
MSK Works Overtime to Get Our Patients Vaccinated
MSK doctors, nurses, and staff have been working tirelessly to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to our patients.
Your Impact: Updates from The Society, Supporter Spotlight, and Health Education Seminars
Learn how our donor community is supporting MSK research, including that of Andrew Kung, who is Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at MSK Kids.
8 Questions with Nurse Elizabeth Cruz
Elizabeth Cruz has been a nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering for more than 10 years and says that her number one goal is to establish a strong relationship of trust with her patients.
MSK Nurses Receive Highest Honor with Renewed Magnet® Designation
Chief Nursing Officer Elizabeth McCormick says MSK nurses showed “great resilience” by earning renewed Magnet® designation while caring for patients during a pandemic.
Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Setting Our Sights on Metastasis
As America commemorates the 50th anniversary of the “War on Cancer,” MSK scientists led by SKI Director Joan Massagué address the question “Where do we go from here?”
In Memoriam: Developmental Biologist Kathryn V. Anderson
Kathryn Anderson became the founding Chair of the Developmental Biology Program when it was created in 2002. Today, the program is known as one of the best in the world and is a model for gender equity in the sciences.
Straight Talk about Cancer
With medical oncologist Diane Reidy-Lagunes as its host, Cancer Straight Talk from MSK is a podcast that features experts from across the institution who share the latest advancements and empower patients in their care.
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