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Pediatric Patient Portal: MyMSK

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we understand how important it is for you to have ready access to information about your or your child’s care, anytime you need it. MyMSK is a secure website and app that gives you convenient online access to a broad range of personalized information and services.

What You Can Do on MyMSK

  • View your medical information
  • Check your appointments
  • Communicate with your doctor’s office
  • Communicate with other specialists at MSK
  • View and pay bills and see insurance information
  • Use educational resources

*MyMSK should not be used to contact MSK for emergencies or needs requiring immediate response.

How to Enroll

Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

Search “MyMSK” in the Apple App Store to download


Go to

Need help?

If you’re new to MSK, the physician office assistant (POA) in your doctor’s office can walk you through enrollment, including caregiver access.

If you’re already an MSK patient, ask a session assistant how to set up an account, or call the POA in your doctor’s office.