Adam Kesner, PhD

Adam Kesner, PhD

I am an assistant attending physicist in the Department of Medical Physics. I have experience and interest in clinical physics, global health, and innovative research. I have a particular interest in developing low-cost solutions that can improve clinical procedures.

The main focuses of my research span two emerging areas of development. The first is data driven motion correction. This subfield seeks to correct the image degradation caused by inherent patient motion in nuclear imaging by using information contained in the raw acquisition data. This is an exciting area for study because it has the potential to be integrated into every PET image acquisition and provide potential clinical benefit, while imposing no changes to current imaging procedures. I have worked in this subfield for many years and helped to pioneer several of the concepts that are in wide use today.

My other area of research interest is in radionuclide dosimetry. Specifically, I am working to develop methodologies that will improve the workflow and accuracy of dosimetry operations in clinical environments. The aim of this work is to use improved metrology to improve patient treatments and care.