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I was born in Taipei, grew up in Houston, and went to Princeton for undergraduate. I started the MD-PhD program at Johns Hopkins, completed my PhD in epidemiology, and pursued a post-doctoral fellowship in cancer epidemiology in Lyon, France with the World Health Organization’s cancer research branch.

Coming to Memorial Sloan Kettering for the Transitional Year internship has been a truly phenomenal experience. MSKCC has many strengths: the cancer care, the research opportunities, the world-renowned attendings, and the ancillary staff to just name a few. The program here attempts to help you focus on patient care (interns do not need to dictate, the case managers are amazing, you don’t draw your own labs).

New York City has been a great experience, including outdoor concerts, dance performances, operas, and great nightlife. I hope that you will enjoy your transitional internship year at Memorial Sloan Kettering as much as I have.