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I grew up in Tempe, Arizona and graduated from the MD/PhD program at Johns Hopkins in 2007 with a PhD in Health Policy and Bioethics. I am headed to UCSF next July to begin residency training in radiology, and my intern year at Memorial Sloan Kettering has been well worth the double move! As I looked at programs to do my internship, I hoped to find a place with strong clinical training, efficient and friendly ancillary services and staff, interesting imaging cases, and in a big city with many cultural opportunities. MSKCC certainly fit the bill. It is obvious that everyone here cares deeply about their patients’ comfort and care, and it is exciting to be part of the best cancer care, anywhere. While the focus is definitely on oncology, I have been exposed to bread and butter medicine as well and learned a great deal from the attendings, chiefs, and residents during daily teaching conferences. One unique aspect of this program is that medical residents from several different programs in NYC rotate through, giving the opportunity to learn from different styles and

meet a lot of people, which I have enjoyed. As someone interested in radiology, this is a great place to be exposed to interesting cases. Three months of elective time also gives ample opportunity to explore areas of medicine to compliment my clinical interests. The chiefs and program coordinators have been very supportive and interested in both my education and welfare during intern year.

Since there is a night float system, I have rarely felt sleep deprived, and have found time to enjoy New York City and pursue some of my hobbies, like dancing Argentine tango and playing my violin weekly in a community orchestra here. This program has allowed me to strike a healthy balance between learning to be a competent doctor and enjoying the rest that life in a big city has to offer.