Joseph O'Donoghue, PhD

Pictured: Joseph O'Donoghue, PhD

As a medical physicist, I use quantitative analysis to unravel the complexities associated with image interpretation, radiation dosimetry, assessing the biological effects of radiation, and evaluating the clinical utility of radiation therapy.

My clinical and research interests are based on tumor imaging and therapy with radiolabeled molecules, which have the potential to increase the specificity and sensitivity of imaging techniques to identify tumors and cancer cells. In the therapeutic context, this approach may improve our ability to deliver radiation or other bioactive treatments to cancer cells that have spread throughout the body, including those that cannot be identified with imaging.

My recent studies have focused on imaging the tumor microenvironment (especially oxygen deficiency, or hypoxia); imaging metastatic prostate, colorectal, renal cell tumors with radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies; and using the alpha particle-emitting agent Radium-223 dichloride to treat prostate cancer that has metastasized to bone.