Marnie Nussbaum


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I grew up in Melville, New York. I went to Cornell University where I majored in Human Biology, Health and Society. I was an active dancer and played intramural tennis. I then went to Weill Medical College of Cornell University which made me fall in love with NYC. I did two years of basic science research evaluating the efficacy of polypodium leucotomos in inhibiting radiation-induced immunosuppression and subsequently researched the cytokines involved in radiation-induced immunosuppression. I was fortunate enough to match here at MSKCC for my transitional year and I will be doing a dermatology residency at (you guessed it!!) Cornell University.

The transitional year here at MSKCC is everything and more than I expected it to be. The attendings are world-renowned oncologists that are extremely approachable and love to teach. My rotations on each service as well as the educational lecture series have enabled me to become a compassionate, educated physician. I feel very fortunate to be here and would enthusiastically recommend this transitional year.