Victoria Croog

Victoria Croog

Victoria Croog

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY, on the summer solstice (June 21st) of 1976. I attended public school, then went off to college at Brown University in Providence, RI. I subsequently attended Harvard Medical School. Next year, I will remain at Memorial Sloan Kettering for a 4-year residency in radiation oncology.

This is all true.

But it is also true that I took 2 years off during medical school to try and be a rock star. I moved to Brooklyn and did some recording, performing and touring as part of two different music projects as a singer and keyboard player. During my time away, I spent 2 months doing rotations at MSKCC, the first doing an outpatient med-onc elective, and the second doing rad-onc. It is here that I even discovered what the heck rad-onc was! And ever since, I’ve been enamored of that field of medicine AND of MSKCC in general.

Let me tell you why I wanted to come to MSKCC for the TY program and why I am so psyched that I came.

  1. The hospital is almost totally computerized. This makes life fabulous as an intern.
  2. The ancillary services here rock!
  3. The nursing here is top notch (and often saves your hide!).
  4. The patients here are great, especially if you feel a certain affinity for cancer patients. But even if onc is not your thing, the patients here feel privileged to be getting their care at such a highly-ranked cancer hospital and are more times than not very appreciative of the attention that you provide as their doctor.
  5. HOUSING. HOUSING. HOUSING. I was originally hesitant about living SO close to work, but it is an AMAZING convenience and a great gift to your wallet.
  6. Being part of a small internship is great. Your chiefs are like parents, you get as much personal attention as you want/need, you get a lot of small group learning, and you become really tight with a small group of great, fun folks. The TY’s all help one another out whenever possible, be it by covering on call days or by just lending a sympathetic ear.
  7. The year’s schedule is very nice and doable. You get 4 months of elective, which is a lot.
  8. You never stay overnight in the hospital EXCEPT for when you’re on night float.
  9. You get breakfast and lunch everyday when you’re on the medicine months.
  10. Most/All of the doctors you’ll work with here are super nice.
  11. It’s great to be in a city like New York when you want to blow of steam.

Please Email me if you have any questions or want to ask me more about my interests, likes/dislikes, childhood memories, etc. My email is [email protected].

Good Luck with the interview process, and have fun!