Andrew Intlekofer Lab Group

Andrew Intlekofer is an Assistant Member in the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program and an Attending Physician on the Lymphoma Service in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Intlekofer’s research investigates how deregulated metabolic pathways contribute to cancer development and how metabolic enzymes can be targeted for cancer treatment.

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Dr. Andrew Intlekofer

Andrew M. Intlekofer, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Research Focus

Physician-scientist Andrew Intlekofer investigates why cancer cells depend on specific pathways of nutrient metabolism.


MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, PA.

Lab Members

Selected Achievements
  • Damon Runyon Clinical Investigator Award (2018)
  • ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Award (2018)
  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award for Medical Scientists (2016)
  • NCI K08 Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (2016)
  • Steven Greenberg Lymphoma Research Award (MSKCC) (2016)
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  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Special Fellow Award (2015)
  • Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young Investigator Award (2014)
  • Stuart Mudd Award for Excellence and Creativity in Microbiology (UPenn) (2009)
  • Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation (UPenn) (2008)
  • Balduin Lucke Prize for Research in Experimental Medicine and Biology (UPenn) (2006)