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Joe Chan, MD, PhD

The Joe Chan Lab combines machine learning with disruptive single-cell sequencing and multiplex spatial imaging to study lineage plasticity in cancer, with a particular focus on histological transformation, as a mechanism of acquired resistance, immune escape, and metastasis. The lab has a special interest in quantifying plasticity across space, time, and cancer types.

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Publications Highlights

Laederach A, Chan JM*, Schwartzman A, Willgohs E, Altman RB. Coplanar and Coaxial Orientations of RNA Bases and Helices. RNA, 05/2007: 13(5):643-50. PMCID: 1852812

Chan J*, Holmes A, Rabadan R. Network Analysis of Global Inuenza Spread. PLoS Comput Biol, 2010: 6(11): e1001005. PMCID: PMC2987833.

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Joe Chan, MD, PhD

[email protected]
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Britney Forsyth

Bioinformatics Software Engineer

Morgan Lallo

Bioinformatics Intern

Christina Marciante

Administrative Assistant II

Swanand Rakhade

Medical Student

Lab Affiliations


  • Clinical Investigator Award, K08CA259161, National Cancer Institute (2021-Current)
  • Young Investigator Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology & Conquer Cancer Foundation (2021-Current)
  • Lung Cancer Research Fellowship, American Association for Cancer Research (2021)
  • Harborside Endowed Merit Award, American Society of Clinical Oncology & Conquer Cancer Foundation (2021)
  • World Conference on Lung Cancer Early Career Award, International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (2021)
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  • Gerry Fellowship, Alan and Sandra Gerry Metastasis and Tumor Ecosystems Center (2020-2021)
  • Distinguished Young Investigator Award, EGFR Resisters (2020)

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