Mergim Gjonbalaj, BS in Biological Sciences

Research Technician
Mergim Gjonbalaj


Tobias Hohl

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Stony Brook University

Mergim is a native of New York City. He studied biochemistry, biomedical engineering and visual arts at Stony Brook University and graduated in 2015. He then joined The Eric Pamer Lab where he helped investigate the microbiome’s role in immunity. There, he managed a clinical trial that aimed to prevent post bone marrow transplant complications with an autologous fecal microbiota transplant. This was followed by work focused on the development of a bacterial consortium using healthy human donor stool samples to prevent the expansion of pathogenic bacterial infections . In the second half of 2019, Mergim joined the Tobias Hohl Lab where he assists in its management and investigation in  anti-fungal immune defense. Outside of the lab, Mergim is running around Brooklyn, attending musical gigs, and spending time with his partner while taking care of their two orange tabbies; Squash and Clementine.