How to Enroll in MyMSK

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Learn how to enroll in MyMSK. We’ll walk you through it, step by step.

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If you are a patient or a caregiver, you can sign up for my MSK using your enrollment ID. You can find your enrollment ID in an email from your doctor's office or on your appointment printout. If you received an enrollment email in your inbox, click the link in the email and follow the steps on the screen. If you're using the enrollment ID found on the appointment print out, go directly to 

New users click ‘sign up’ to get started. 

You will be asked to accept the website terms and conditions. 

Then, indicate that you are an MSK patient or caregiver and enter your enrollment ID.

You will then get an account activation email to complete the final step. To log onto my MSK, go to You can also go to our home page, and click on patient login at the top right. For help call your doctor's office or contact the portal help desk at [email protected] or call (646) 227-2593.