How to Reduce Headaches

VIDEO | 01:06

Touch therapist Rocco Caputo shares easy tips to say goodbye to headaches.

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Rocco Caputo: Let's talk about steady headaches. If you're having a headache that isn't throbbing, chances are it's coming from neck tension. There's a really easy way to make that neck tension go away, and it might make the headache go away too. You just take a towel, fold it long ways in half, and then roll the towel to make a bolster from behind your neck while you're laying down. So we want to make this towel really, really tight and right about that thick. So we'll lay back on our bed and we'll take that towel and place it right behind the neck. This should take some of that tension out of the neck. And if it does that, then the headache can go away.