Introduction to Integrative Medicine

VIDEO | 01:20

Nirupa Raghunathan, internist and Director of Pediatric Integrative Medicine at MSK, explains the therapies and services offered to pediatric patients and families.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Nirupa Raghunathan, the Director of Pediatric Integrative Medicine at MSK. Integrative medicine is a holistic and personalized approach to the symptoms and side effects of disease and disease treatment. We consider the entire person and family when we provide our therapies. Integrative medicine at MSK includes mind body therapies like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, dance movement therapy, music therapy, touch therapies, and acupuncture. All of these services are available to MSK kids, patients and families, with some delivered virtually and others delivered in-person. You can also request a consultation within MSK integrative medicine physician to collaborate on a therapeutic plan to aid in supporting a patient and family throughout the treatment process. We always strive to improve our offerings and service of our MSK kids, patients and families. With on demand virtual and in-person therapies we hope to provide care as best we can when you need it.