Lung Cancer and Coronavirus

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The vast majority of our cancer patients, including those with lung cancer, do well with COVID-19.  We have treated over a thousand patients at Memorial for COVID-19 and the vast majority recover and do well.  And we also have facilities in place to take care of those patients who have developed more severe forms of the disease. So, if you're a cancer patient and, God forbid, you developed COVID-19, we, as a center, can take care of you. It's really important that your lung cancer is treated and treated effectively because the prognosis of lung cancer, in virtually every circumstance, is far worse than the prognosis of COVID-19.  // We want you to be able to continue your cancer care with the best available therapies and we can certainly try and minimize your risk of exposure and developing COVID-19 but we've gone to great lengths at Memorial to make sure that this is a safe environment for your care. There's a lot that our patients can do to protect themselves.  It's really important for our patients to wear masks if they go outside and we want our patients to wash their hands before they go outside and also after they come back and have perhaps taken their mask back off at home. So, really, social distancing and wearing protective equipment to minimize the risk of COVID-19 remains very, very important.