Proton Therapy

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Learn what it means to receive proton therapy in this short animation.

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For some types of cancer the best form of treatment is something called PROTON THERAPY.

PROTON THERAPY is an advanced form of radiation treatment that can be very effective at destroying tumors. At MSK we use proton therapy to treat many patients with pediatric cancers as well as cancers of the head and neck, brain, breast, spine, digestive tract, lung, and prostate.     

What are the advantages of proton therapy?

Is uses charged particles called protons that release all their cancer-destroying energy at the tumor site.

MSK doctors use CT or MRI scans to map tumors and deliver protons at the precise dose and location without harming normal tissues.

This can reduce treatment-related side effects that sometimes occur with traditional radiation.

MSK doctors are among the world’s best at using this sophisticated treatment.

And we take great care to select the right patients who may truly benefit.

For cancers that can be treated with proton therapy, many can be cured.