Why this Nurse is Urging You to Get Vaccinated

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MSK Nurse Practitioner Kenny Lacossiere shares how COVID-19 hit close to home and why people should get the vaccine.

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My name is Kenny Lacossiere and I’m an adult nurse practitioner. I’ve been at Sloan now going on 12 years. And I see and know firsthand how sick COVID can make a person. 

I was hit by it personally with my father. He was admitted here, he was very very sick — came close to dying. And I also lost both my mother-in-law and my father-in-law to COVID. 

I, personally, was vaccinated six weeks ago. My arm was just sore for a couple of days. I felt a little fatigue, but all of the symptoms went away within a couple of days, both with the first and the second dose.

I got married on September 27th, and after coming so close to losing my father — to have him recover and to be able to walk me down the aisle — there’s like, really no words to describe how happy I was to have him be there and witness that day.

I don’t want any family to have to suffer what my family and I suffered, to have to endure what we did, especially now that we have a vaccine. I know there’s a lot of, you know, misconception about the vaccine. It is the only way that we can really curb this pandemic and put an end to it so we can resume our regular life.

It will help prevent a lot of the heartache and a lot of the unnecessary illness and unnecessary complications from COVID.