What to Bring to Your First Visit with a Breast Surgeon

VIDEO | 02:30

Memorial Sloan Kettering breast cancer specialists describe key materials to bring, and some of what to expect during a first visit to the Breast and Imaging Center (BAIC). Breast Surgical Service Chief Monica Morrow explains that to generate a thorough second opinion and provide the best care possible, it is critical that patients bring their actual mammogram, breast ultrasound, or MRI documentation as opposed to reports based on these materials.

Also, before committing to surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering specialists always review the patient’s actual pathology slides to confirm that they agree with the diagnosis of cancer. The BAIC office staff is skilled at acquiring these key materials if there is any confusion or help is needed.

Director of Radiology Maxine Jochelson describes how her team works with surgeons to get a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s breast imaging.

But the very first step for all new patients is to schedule an appointment with an oncologic (cancer) surgeon, explains breast cancer surgeon George Plitas. Breast cancer surgeons Tari King, Kimberly Van Zee, and Alexandra Heerdt talk about the importance of creating an environment in which patients are comfortable and prepared to absorb what is discussed, the value of carefully considering the pros and cons of each treatment option available, and the significance of establishing an ongoing doctor-patient relationship.