MSK Cancer Alliance Fact Sheet

David Pfister, MSK's Associate Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Strategic Partnerships

David Pfister, MSK's Associate Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Strategic Partnerships

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance is a transformative initiative to improve the quality of cancer care and the lives of cancer patients by bringing evidence-based, world-class standards to community healthcare providers.

Currently, community oncologists deliver the vast majority of cancer care in the United States. But advances in fighting the disease can take years to be adopted in a community setting. We believe that the highest-quality care can’t be achieved through adhering to practice recommendations alone. It requires development of a robust institutional clinical research program, through which patients have access to cutting-edge clinical trials offering the newest therapeutic options. With nearly 130 years of experience, Memorial Sloan Kettering has a unique opportunity to share the knowledge and best practices we have pioneered.

The MSK Cancer Alliance accelerates the pace of integrating the latest advances in cancer care into a community setting. It also creates a new model to reduce the barriers to high-quality cancer care that many patients and families face. While this approach to bringing truly state-of the-art cancer care to local communities is focused on the rapid application of new knowledge, it does not require building new facilities, adding to the cost effectiveness of this model for delivering care.

Also central to the Alliance is the concept of cross-institutional learning. Membership in the MSK Cancer Alliance is a meaningful designation, one that demonstrates that all parties share a willingness to collaborate and learn from each other. Typically, alliances involve the licensing of standards of care, but the MSK Cancer Alliance involves much more integrated collaboration between physicians and health professionals from all institutions, which we believe will support improved outcomes.

Since announcing the MSK Cancer Alliance in 2014, we have made considerable progress in bringing the latest treatments and standards of care to the community, where more than 80 percent of cancer patients in the United States receive their care. For example, we’ve seen that MSK Cancer Alliance members adopt pioneering surgical and radiation techniques at an accelerated pace compared with other community providers.

New treatments are also a hallmark of the MSK Cancer Alliance. Alliance members have access to MSK clinical trials as well as MSK-IMPACT, a genetic sequencing tool that looks for genomic abnormalities and can open up new avenues of care through precision medicine.

MSK Cancer Alliance members come together on a yearly basis for a continuing medical education series to share ideas, discuss complex cases, and learn more about innovative therapies.


  • To foster the rapid adoption of the newest standards of care in the community setting
  • To expand access to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s clinical trials and cutting-edge cancer research
  • To improve the quality of care and outcomes for cancer patients


  • Through fostering networks of collaboration and shared learning, the MSK Cancer Alliance will enable both MSK and Alliance members to develop strategies to improve outcomes.
  • MSK physicians and leadership will collaboratively guide each Alliance member toward excellence in its cancer care and clinical research programs. This will be achieved through participation in disease management teams, on-site observations of new techniques, sharing of educational resources, quality and outcomes research, and expanded access to MSK’s clinical trials.
  • The MSK Cancer Alliance will establish MSK clinical trials sites at specific Alliance member hospitals. This will dramatically improve patient access to the latest cancer advances and breakthroughs.
  • MSK and Alliance members will work collaboratively to measure changes in outcomes including survival rates, quality of life, and total cost of care.
  • Alliance members will provide MSK with firsthand knowledge of how cancer advances can be effectively disseminated in a community setting, where more than 80 percent of cancer patients in the United States receive cancer care.
  • Alliance members will be empowered to learn, adapt to, and adopt MSK standards of care.

Alliance Members

The MSK Cancer Alliance currently includes three full members.

Potential MSK Alliance members serve a sizable volume of cancer patients, have clinical trials infrastructure and experience, are highly regarded overall by their community, have a commitment to outcomes research, and are committed to adopting and implementing new clinical standards of care.

Learn more about our Alliance members.


Healthcare providers interested in becoming members of the MSK Cancer Alliance should contact Jessica Kennington, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, at 646-888-8471 or email