President's Research Seminars

President's Research Seminars


Throughout the academic year, eminent scientists from across the country and the world present their research during our weekly President’s Research Seminar series.

The seminars take place on Wednesdays from to in the Zuckerman Research Center Auditorium, located at 417 East 68th Street.

The President’s Research Seminar series is accredited for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Winter 2020

January 15
Epigenetic Pathways as Targets in Human Disease
Host: Samuel Bakhoum, MD
Shelley L. Berger, PhD

February 12
FXR as a Therapeutic Target in Colon Cancer
Host: Joan Massagué, PhD
Ronald M. Evans, PhD

February 19
Regulation of Intestinal Barrier Immune Functions by Microbiota and Enteric Neurons
Host: Alexander Rudensky, PhD
Dan R. Littman, MD, PhD

February 26
Lorenz Studer, MD