One Vision: Introducing MSK Kids

Two teenage girls with their arms around each other

MSK Kids — the new identity for MSK’s pediatric program — works relentlessly for the kids and young adults we care for, their families, and everyone facing pediatric cancer.

A man speaks at a podium in front of a crowd of kids

With help from some young supporters, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics Andrew Kung introduced the new identity at Kids Walk for MSK Kids in May 2019.

In 2019, Memorial Sloan Kettering distinguished its world-renowned pediatrics department with a unique identity inspired by the vision the program holds for the future. Vibrant visuals and extraordinary stories celebrate MSK’s exceptional pediatric care — we are proud to introduce MSK Kids.

The Department of Pediatrics, MSK’s leadership, and the Department of Marketing & Communications worked together for more than a year and a half to create the foundation that brought MSK Kids to life. The new logo and name were debuted at Kids Walk for MSK Kids in May 2019.

All of MSK’s pediatric efforts — across surgery, oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nursing, supportive care, and beyond — are represented in new ways as part of MSK Kids.

Two young girls posing for a photo

Patients and families — the heart of MSK Kids — got together for a day of photo shoots. The new photos help tell the story of MSK Kids on our web pages and in advertisements.

MSK Kids is dedicated to caring for children, teenagers, and young adults with cancer and related diseases. It’s where the latest science meets the compassionate care that has always been a hallmark of MSK. And as the largest pediatric cancer program in the country, MSK Kids offers unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge treatments often not available elsewhere. Parents and other loved ones are an integral part of care, working with teams of experts to ensure the most individualized approach for each child.

“MSK Kids represents every individual who touches the life of a child treated here. It’s about unifying people, science, and care to support every child and their family,” says Andrew Kung, Chair of the Department of Pediatrics.

After carefully identifying the core values and messages that define MSK Kids, the team developed a unique design and spirited imagery to illustrate MSK’s commitment to caring for young people with cancer. Together, the new brand and voice have come to life in every avenue of MSK, from the institution’s website to advertisements throughout the New York City metro area. As MSK Kids grows and evolves, one constant will remain: the most state-of-the-art and compassionate care for MSK’s young patients.

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