2022 MSK Giving

MSK Hauppauge nurse Mallory Pawlik

Mallory Pawlik, RN, MSK Hauppauge

Patient Care and Greatest Needs

Taking care of people with cancer and their families is central to our mission, and our donor community continues to elevate the standards of care for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) patients and people worldwide — improving access and equity for everyone. In 2022, philanthropy supported:

  • A new endowed chair in oncology care and patient experience who will innovate how and where people receive cancer care to improve quality of life and outcomes.
  • Programs to help people with cancer access the care they need.


MSK research leads to new cures and treatments for people with cancer. Drug development, clinical research, and laboratory research are all essential to saving lives. In 2022, philanthropy supported:

  • Investigations to further understand how and why cancer spreads and becomes resistant to treatment, including looking beyond genetics to the disease’s entire ecosystem.
  • MSK’s ability to swiftly explore promising avenues of research as soon as they emerge.


MSK is committed to educating future leaders in cancer research and care, and ensuring that the next generation of scientists and clinicians are as diverse as the people they help. In 2022, philanthropy supported:

  • Fellowships and internships to provide equitable access to training and recruit top talent to the field.
  • Twelve PhD programs that prepare scientists for leadership roles across all areas of cancer research, such as cancer biology and computational oncology.
MSK is a global leader, thanks to the broad and immense support we get from our donor community. Philanthropic contributions truly impact the people MSK takes care of, as well as those we recruit and train. Donors make our scientific discoveries possible, helping people with cancer worldwide.
Selwyn M. Vickers, MD, FACS President and Chief Executive Officer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Philanthropy by the Numbers

In 2022, more than 409,000 individuals, families, foundations, and companies contributed more than 575,000 donations — raising more than $569 million for cancer care, research, and education. 

  • Patient care and greatest needs: $272.9 million
  • Research: $282.2 million
  • Education: $13.9 million 

MSK Donors

The MSK Giving Community in 2022: Together, Advancing MSK’s Mission

  • Nearly 145,000 donors gave to MSK for the first time.
  • Nearly 50,000 donors increased their giving.
  • More than 250 donors told us that MSK was in their estate plans.
  • Donors live in 89 countries and all 50 states.
  • More than 17,000 people raised money on MSK’s behalf.
  • More than 76,000 donors made two or more donations.


MSK 2022 Annual Report
It takes the people of MSK — in every operating room, every lab, every corridor, and every neighborhood — to achieve our mission: Ending cancer for life.