It Takes MSK
MSK 2022 Annual Report

Emeline Aviki, MD, MBA, specializes in surgery to treat gynecologic cancers.



It takes the people of MSK — in every operating room, every lab, every corridor, and every neighborhood — to achieve our mission: Ending cancer for life.

Our three pillars — patient care, scientific research, and education — supported extraordinary progress in 2022. Learn about just some of our achievements in this Annual Report.

It Takes MSK ...
To Believe
Care begins by offering compassion and confidence, to inspire patients as soon as they arrive.
Joshua’s job is door attendant. His mission is much more.
It Takes MSK ...
To Improve Health Equity
We are breaking down barriers to make world-class care available to everyone.
Reaching More Patients With Game-Changing Tests
MSK is making access to cancer genetic testing more equitable.
It Takes MSK ...
To Find Treatments for the Toughest Cancers
Teams of experts, from oncologists to nurse practitioners to data analysts, work tirelessly to save the lives of their patients — and those they may never meet.
The Clinical Trial That Changed Everything for Its Patients
How a small but groundbreaking study could rewrite the playbook for treating solid tumors.
A Major Advance in Treating Metastatic Breast Cancer
MSK-led research could change the practice of medicine for millions of people whose breast cancer has spread.
It Takes MSK ...
To Decode the Most Challenging Mysteries in Science
For 75 years, scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute have made breakthrough discoveries about why cells turn cancerous, forging new paths for the treatments of tomorrow.
The Next Frontier in Cancer Research
To understand cancer, we must study it in the context of the ecosystem in which it lives and grows.
Finding Order Within the Chaos of Cancer
How a new understanding of cancer’s most infamous gene could help stop tumors earlier.
It Takes MSK ...
To Train the Next Generation
Our mission is to help those starting out find their footing.
The Special Calling of Physician-Scientists at MSK
Physician-scientists not only treat disease, they do research to cure it.
It Takes MSK Kids ...
To Treat the Whole Child
Working at MSK Kids Is Much More Than a Job
Meet some of the people on the team — who care for the health and emotional well-being of children, who create a welcoming environment, and who are discovering new treatments for pediatric cancer.
It Takes MSK ...
To Provide the Best in Nursing Care
The Many Talents of MSK Nurses
MSK nurses and advanced practice providers offer not only compassionate care but also problem-solving skills that push the field forward.
The MSK Donor Community
Every year, hundreds of thousands of generous donors do their part to drive more innovation and save more lives. Our patients are grateful, and so are we.
2022 MSK Giving
In 2022, more than 409,000 individuals, families, foundations, and companies contributed more than 575,000 donations — raising more than $569 million for cancer care, research, and education.
The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
This volunteer-led organization is dedicated to raising funds that advance cancer research and care at MSK.
A Message From the President and Chairman
2022: A Time of Transition at MSK

MSK 2022 Annual Report

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