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Should Cancer Patients Get the Flu Vaccine During Treatment?

Infectious disease specialist Mini Kamboj explains whether it’s safe to receive the flu vaccine during cancer treatment.

A person gets a flu vaccine injected into the arm.

In the News

The Link Between Meat and Cancer: MSK Experts Explain the Headlines

Does eating processed meat or red meat really cause cancer?

A platter of different processed meats

Q & A

Prostate Surgery Complications: What Patients Should Know

Prostate cancer expert James Eastham discusses the risk of complications from prostate cancer surgery and explains why not all procedures are alike.

Smiling physician speaking with patient.


Collaborative Research Suggests Targeting BAP1 May Help Treat Mesothelioma

Studies have suggested that treatment with a drug that targets a mutated gene found in more than half of all mesothelioma tumors could be effective against this stubborn disease.

CT scan of mesothelioma tumor.


Immunologist Alexander Rudensky Discusses New Approaches for Treating Cancer

Immunologist Alexander Rudensky talks about the function of regulatory T cells, a type of immune cell, and how they relate to cancer.

a man with glasses stands in a lab


Agent Orange Linked to Increased Risk of MGUS in Some Vietnam Veterans

A new study makes the first scientific link between Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, a precursor of multiple myeloma.

In the Clinic

Imaging Technology Enables Doctors to Analyze Low-Grade Glioma

A noninvasive scanning technique is giving doctors the ability to assess brain tumors for genetic abnormalities without putting patients through the rigors of a brain biopsy.

Brain MRI images


MSK Study Examines Cancer-Care Outcomes among US Hospitals

A new study suggests that hospitals’ long-term survival outcomes for cancer patients can be sufficiently assessed without information on tumor stage.


Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: A Better but Underused Option for Women with Advanced Ovarian Cancer

Gynecologic surgeon Dennis Chi explains how IP chemotherapy works – and why at MSK it’s part of the standard of care for women with stage 3 disease.

Illustration of chemotherapy being delivered to intraperitoneal space of human.


Immunotherapy Combination Nivolumab Plus Ipilimumab Receives FDA Approval for Metastatic Melanoma

Today, the US Food and Drug Administration approved the immunotherapy combination nivolumab plus ipilimumab, a regimen pioneered by MSK medical oncologist and cancer immunologist Jedd Wolchok.

A doctor wearing a white lab coat writes on a white board with a marker.