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Recognizing and Relieving Persistent and Debilitating Grief

Clinical psychologist Wendy Lichtenthal describes the growing recognition that some people suffer from persistent and debilitating grief and may benefit from specific types of help.

Pictured: Wendy Lichtenthal


Personal Reflections from a Medical Oncologist

Diane Reidy-Lagunes, a gastrointestinal oncologist and Co-Director of the Department of Medicine’s Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program, shares her experiences in treating — and supporting — her patients.

Pictured: Medical oncologist Diane Reidy-Lagunes

In the Clinic

Drug Reduces Risk of Serious Pancreatic Surgery Complication

A new drug could make pancreatic surgery safer by reducing the risk of a grave complication.

Pictured: Peter Allen


MSK’s Youngest Patients Celebrate at Pediatric Prom

Young patients have a blast with families and Memorial Sloan Kettering staff at the 2014 Pediatric Prom

Pictured: Xavier D.


Living and Coping with Advanced Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering social workers offer advice on managing some of the challenges of living with advanced cancer.

In the News

Teen Patients Offer Words of Triumph and Inspiration at Pediatric Convocation

Pediatric cancer patients Dominick Sarappa and Sydney Sims talk about their experiences battling cancer in their 2014 convocation speeches.

Pictured: Sydney Sim

In the Clinic

Tumor Sequencing Test Brings Personalized Treatment Options to More Patients

A powerful diagnostic test, MSK-IMPACT™ gives our doctors an unparalleled amount of information about individual people’s cancers to guide their treatment.

Pictured: Michael Berger


The Breast Cancer Crime Scene: Our Experts Discuss Where We Are Today and Where We’re Headed

Memorial Sloan Kettering experts say that new information about the biology of breast cancer is revolutionizing the way they look at the disease.

Pictured: Larry Norton

Q & A

Age Appropriate: Treating Cancer in the Older Person

Medical oncologist Stuart Lichtman describes recent changes, challenges, and insights into how cancer is best treated in seniors.

In the Lab

Researchers Reveal How Tumors Manipulate Certain Immune Cells to Their Own Advantage

Researchers are exploring a mysterious population of immune cells that live within tumors and can help the cancer grow and spread.

Pictured: Activated macrophage