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How to Keep Your Pearly Whites in Top Shape during and after Cancer Treatment

MSK dentist Sae Hee Kim discusses how cancer treatment can affect the teeth and gums and offers tips on how people with cancer can care for them.

Dentist Sae Hee Kim

In the Clinic

MSK Plays Critical Role in FDA Approval of New Melanoma Drug

A new treatment for advanced melanoma is the latest promising advance in immunotherapy tested in large part by our scientists.

Sandra D’Angelo and Jedd Wolchok

In the Lab

Five Fascinating Approaches to Cancer Science

From tropical plants and 3-D snapshots of worms to tiny particles that light up tumors, here’s a glimpse at some of the fascinating work MSK researchers pursued in 2014 as part of our quest to advance cancer science.

Stained pathology slides of a patient’s tumor (right) and of an organoid made from that tumor (left).

Slide Show

Good Dog: Our Caring Canines Bring a Dose of Cheer Year-Round

The loving pets in our therapy dog program offer comfort to patients and their families.

Pictured: Cooper


At the End of Life, the Holidays Can Be a Time for Meaningful Moments

The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for people who are terminally ill and their loved ones. Yet there are ways to work with the experience to derive joy and meaning in the midst of fear or sadness.

Holiday candle


Team Spirit: A Glimpse Inside a Disease Management Meeting

Our top cancer specialists come together to consult on complex cases at weekly Disease Management Team meetings.

Pictured: Peter Kingham

In the Clinic

Can Cells Be Turned from Cancerous to Normal?

An experimental drug for blood cancers with certain genetic mutations is showing promise in early-stage trials.

Pictured: Eytan Stein


Each Patient Is a Unique Human Being, Not a Disease or a Group of Symptoms

MSK critical care physician Louis Voigt is a firm believer in a holistic approach to the practice of medicine, as well as to his patients and their loved ones.

Pictured: Louis Voigt


Spotlight on Pathology: A Key Component of Cancer Care

The most effective cancer treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Pathologist Meera Hameed explains the pathologist’s crucial contributions.

Pathology assistant Annabel Canhao analyses tissue from a biopsy.

In the Lab

Investigators Use Stem Cells to Study Rare Pediatric Brain Tumors

Investigators have created the first-ever genetically engineered model of cancer made from human embryonic stem cells in culture.

Pictured: Viviane Tabar