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In the News

Memorial Sloan Kettering Trains IBM Watson to Help Doctors Make Better Cancer Treatment Choices

IBM’s Watson won Jeopardy!, but what if its power could be used for the greater good to help make better cancer care choices?


Memorial Sloan Kettering Featured Prominently at Major Cancer Research Meeting

Discoveries made at Memorial Sloan Kettering receive recognition at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Pictured: José Baselga


Not So Fast: Dividing Cells Use a “Speed Limit” to Avoid Genetic Mistakes

The discovery of a molecular process that slows down cell division could provide new understanding about how some cancers develop.

Pictured: Human cell nucleus

In the Clinic

Anxiety May Be Fueling More-Extensive Surgeries in Breast Cancer Patients

Increasingly, women diagnosed with cancer in one breast are choosing to have their other, healthy breast removed, but experts say this additional surgery provides no survival benefits.

Pictured: Mary Jane Massie & Tari King

Ask the Expert

What Can I Do to Cope with Hair Loss Due to Cancer Treatment?

Memorial Sloan Kettering social worker Carrie Panzer offers tips for coping with hair loss.


Answers to Common Questions about Radiation Safety

Memorial Sloan Kettering Radiation Safety Officer Jean St. Germain answers common questions about the safety of adults undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.

Pictured: Alice Ho


Aggressive Ovarian Cancer May Be Caused by a Single Gene Mutation

Researchers have identified a genetic mutation that appears to cause a rare but very aggressive type of ovarian cancer in young women.

Pictured: Douglas Levine

Jedd Wolchok Receives AACR Award, Is Named Service Chief

Medical oncologist Jedd Wolchok was awarded the AACR Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Memorial Award for his work with melanoma immunotherapy.

Pictured: Jedd Wolchok

Turning to Bacteria for Clues

Several Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators are focused on the study of bacteria, which can teach us much about human health, and about cancer in particular.

Pictured: Eric Pamer & Joao Xavier


Visible Ink Celebrates Patients at Annual Staged Reading

Watch a video of an annual event that gives voice to writings composed by Memorial Sloan Kettering patients.

Pictured: Catherine Augier