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Being There for a Friend or Loved One at the End of Life

Clinical psychologist Talia Zaider offers guidance to those whose friend or loved one is facing terminal illness.

Pictured: Talia Zaider

In the Lab

Spongelike Particles Show Promise for Delivering Drugs to Tumors

Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers are investigating the use of tiny particles that behave like sponges to take in drugs and deliver them to tumors.

Pictured: Jan Grimm


Cycle for Survival 2014 Raises $20 Million

Cycle for Survival, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s indoor team cycling fund-raiser, raises money exclusively for research on rare cancers.

In the Clinic

Wiping Out Epstein-Barr Virus Preserves Transplant Success

Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientists have treated a dangerous complication of stem cell transplantation using immune cells donated from a third party.

Pictured: Susan Prockop & Lucas T.


When "Do No Harm" Means "Do Nothing": Evolving Protocols

Our conversation about active surveillance of prostate cancer continues. Let's take a closer look at our protocols for selecting and monitoring patients.

Vincent Laudone

In the Lab

Bacteria May Hold the Key to Preventing Dangerous Side Effect of Transplants

Research suggests that the presence of a type of bacteria called Blautia, which occurs naturally in the body, may prevent graft-versus-host disease, a potentially fatal side effect of bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

Pictured: Marcel van den Brink & Robert Jenq

In the Lab

Holding On and Hiding Out: How Cancer Cells Spread to the Brain and Thrive

Researchers have gained new understanding of how tumors metastasize by studying the behavior of exceptional breast and lung cancer cells that are capable of entering the brain and surviving there.

Pictured: Cancer cell on blood vessel


Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Expertise Stands Out at Transplant Meeting

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s leadership in blood and marrow stem cell transplantation is on full display at the 2014 BMT Tandem Meeting.

Pictured: Sergio Giralt

Cancer Guide

New Information about Diagnosing and Treating Liver Cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Thanks to recent treatment advances, many people diagnosed with liver cancer today can expect to survive the disease. But experience counts.

Pictured: William Jarnagin

Ask the Expert

Why Am I Hearing So Much About CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is a brand name for one of several available devices that deliver intense doses of radiation with very high accuracy.

Pictured: Abraham Wu