Adaptation of Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Chinese Immigrant Cancer Patients


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Adaptation of Individual Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Chinese Immigrant Cancer Patients


Many cancer patients use counseling or other resources to help them cope with the emotional burden of the disease. Counseling can help them cope by giving them a place to express their feelings. “Meaning-centered” counseling is an approach that aims to teach people with cancer how to maintain or increase a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives, despite cancer.

Researchers in this study would like to learn how to modify meaning-centered counseling sessions to fit the language and culture of the Chinese community. They will meet with Chinese patients with cancer and go over topics that are covered in the counseling sessions. The patients’ feedback will help the researchers customize counseling sessions to meet the needs of Chinese people with cancer.

Who Can Join

This study will include people with stage IV cancer who are of Chinese descent and born outside of the United States. Patients must be age 21 or older and speak Mandarin or English.

For more information about this study, please contact Dr. Jennifer Leng at 646-888-4243 or Xiaoxiao Huang at 646-888-4418.




Pilot (small research study)

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