A Phase 2 Study of a Vaccine in Combination With Beta-glucan for People With Neuroblastoma With a High Chance of Coming Back


Full Title

Phase II Trial of a Bivalent Vaccine with the Immunological Adjuvant OPT-821 (QS-21), in Combination with Randomization of Oral ß-glucan, for High-risk Neuroblastoma


Researchers want to find the best schedule for giving a new vaccine to people with neuroblastoma. The people in this study have neuroblastoma that is in remission (no signs of cancer). In addition, their cancers have a strong chance of coming back (high risk). The vaccine is given with a naturally occurring substance called beta-glucan.

The vaccine works by triggering an immune response against two antigens (proteins) on neuroblastoma cells. Giving the vaccine with beta-glucan may strengthen the immune response. The vaccine is a shot given under the skin.

Who Can Join

To join this study, there are a few conditions. You or your child must:

  • Have high-risk neuroblastoma that is in remission.
  • Have recovered from the serious side effects of prior treatments.
  • Be age 21 or younger.


For more information or to see if you can join this study, please call 833-MSK-KIDS.




Phase II (phase 2)




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