Managing Symptoms & Side Effects of Cancer Treatment


A physical therapist assists a patient

During your treatment journey, you may experience symptoms from the disease or side effects from therapy that can take a toll on your body. At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we have an array of services that can help make you more comfortable during treatment. Our specialists in integrative medicine, palliative care and pain management, rehabilitation, and dermatologic health services are available to help you manage your symptoms.

An occupational therapist demonstrates hand exercises with a patient
MSK’s Rehabilitation Medicine Service includes a team of rehabilitation doctors, and occupational and physical therapists. Their mission is to help you feel and function better.
Healthcare professionals at Josie Robertson Surgery Center
Our pain management program ensures that people who have pain are identified as soon as possible and are treated appropriately and effectively.
MSK’s supportive care specialists are dedicated to improving your quality of life during and after treatment. You can get supportive care anytime during your treatment. It is not the same as hospice care.
Therapies for cancer can affect skin health. We offer evaluation and treatments that can help minimize these side effects.
Cancer and its treatment can affect your sexual functioning as well as your ability to have a child naturally. Our specialists in sexual health and fertility preservation are available to help men and women with these issues.
Our neuropsychologists are licensed psychologists who can assess your cognitive skills and symptoms, help clarify the most likely cause of cognitive changes, and make recommendations to improve the difficulties you are experiencing.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Chief of Integrative Medicine Service and acupuncture specialist Jun Mao
Our Integrative Medicine Service offers a range of wellness therapies that are designed to work together with traditional medical treatments. Visit us today.
Pictured: Beatriz Korc-Grodzicki
Memorial Sloan Kettering offers programs and care specifically focused on the needs of older cancer patients. Learn about our programs for medication management, rehabilitation, nutrition, and more.