Rehabilitation Medicine, Occupational & Physical Therapy

MSK physical therapist Lauren Moore works with a patient at the MSK Monmouth rehabilitation center

MSK's physical and occupational therapists are here to help you throughout your treatment, recovery, and life after cancer.

The mission of the Rehabilitation Medicine Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is to help you feel and function better. Our team includes rehabilitation doctors (physiatrists) and physical and occupational therapists. A physiatrist (fih-ZY-uh-trist) is a doctor trained in physical medicine who treats and prevents injuries.

People with cancer can have trouble with the way their bodies move, including joint pain and keeping their balance. Our physiatrists help diagnose the cause of these problems. Your care team will make a personal treatment plan for you. Their goal is to help restore your well-being and quality of life. They will try to fix problems with your movement so those problems don’t become permanent.

Our therapists are specialists in caring for people with cancer. They include experts in physical therapy, occupational therapy, lymphedema therapy, and pediatric therapy. We offer rehabilitation services in New York City and at most MSK regional locations.

People who have trouble hearing, swallowing, or speaking can get help from our Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Service. After certain cancer treatments, this program can help restore these functions and improve your quality of life.