How to add a family member, friend, or caregiver

Time to Read: About 1 minute

You can invite family members, friends, and caregivers to join your visit. Here’s how:

  • By asking a member of your care team to invite them.
  • By sharing with them the appointment link we sent you.
  • From the virtual room before your telemedicine visit starts. Select the “Invite Others” button.
  • Through MyMSK.

How to invite people through MyMSK

  1. Select your appointment from the MyMSK homepage.
  2. Select “Invite Others” (see Figure 7).
  3. Enter their name and their relationship to you, such as “friend” or “sibling.”
  4. Enter their email address.
  • If someone does not have email or a device with a camera, they can still join your telemedicine visit. They can join by phone using the audio dial-in information in the email we sent you. This information is also in the virtual room.
Figure 5. Select “Invite Others”

Figure 7. Select “Invite Others”

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