Liquid Intake and Ostomy Output Log

This information will help you keep track of how much liquid you drink, how much output you have from your ostomy, and the color of your urine.

Throughout the day, keep track of how much liquid you drink and how much output comes out of your ostomy. You can check the label of bottled beverages to find the number of milliliters (mL). Use the measuring pitcher or other measuring cup your nurse gave you when you left the hospital to measure the amount of your ostomy output. For both intake and output, make sure you use milliliters (mL), not ounces (oz). Record these values in the tables below.

Also keep track of the color of your urine. This helps us know whether you’re drinking enough liquids. For example, your urine might be straw colored or tea colored. Write down your urine color in the Ostomy Output Table.

At the end of the day, add up how much liquid you drank and how much ostomy output you had. Call your doctor if:

  • Your total output is greater than your total liquid intake for the day or
  • Your ostomy output is greater than 1000 mL

Bring this log to all your appointments.

Liquid Intake Ostomy output
Date Time Liquid Intake (mL) Date Time Ostomy Output Urine color
Total for the Day   Total for the Day  


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