Diagnosis & Treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Memorial Sloan Kettering is home to a tightly coordinated team of gastroenterologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, and nurses with decades of collective experience in caring for people with GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, achalasia, and esophageal cancer.

We have a comprehensive screening program in which we evaluate hundreds of people for early, precancerous changes (dysplasia) in the esophagus using the latest diagnostic tools and imaging technologies. We also offer long-term monitoring and support for people at risk for esophageal cancer.

As leaders in advancing the use of minimally invasive, high-resolution endoscopy to examine the esophagus and detect precancerous lesions or early-stage cancer, we are also experienced in using endoscopy to then remove precancerous tissue and small tumors, thereby reducing the need for surgery in carefully selected patients. We can also recommend which approach is most likely to give you the best outcome.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, we develop a comprehensive care plan for you based on the type of condition you have, your age, the presence of other illnesses, and the condition of your overall health. We discuss your options with you at length before deciding on a course of surveillance or treatment.

You may also have access to clinical trials in which we investigate advances in screening for Barrett’s esophagus and characterize genetic and molecular traits of esophageal cancer that can help in assessing your level of risk.

Learn about how we diagnose and treat Barrett’s esophagus and achalasia: