Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Service

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Service

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Jessica Tar feared her cancer of the front part of tongue diagnosis would be the end of her acting and singing career. Memorial Sloan Kettering head and neck surgeon Jatin Shah eliminated the tumor, helping Jessica continue to pursue her dream.
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This year marks the centennial of the first Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Service in the world, established at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City. Memorial Sloan Kettering continues to be at the forefront of developing advanced surgical techniques that preserve function and restore critical organs.

Each year, our head and neck cancer team of more than 45 specialists diagnose and treat more than 3,500 people with oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, pharyngeal (throat) cancer, nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancers, thyroid cancer, and parathyroid tumors.

Our extraordinary multidisciplinary patient care combines surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy — an approach that often is more effective and less likely to result in side effects.

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