Most Advanced IR Technology, Now Available In Upstate New York


The Interventional Radiology (IR) Service began seeing patients outside of Manhattan for the first time in October 2014, when we brought members of our team to MSK Westchester in West Harrison. After the first year in operation, hundreds of patients have received IR services in this beautiful state-of-the-art facility in Westchester County. By offering a multitude of services closer to where many of our patients live and work, we are providing an outstanding level of convenience to those who previously needed to travel to Manhattan.

“At MSK Westchester in West Harrison, we offer the same high quality of care that we provide in Manhattan, at a location convenient to residents of Westchester and Fairfield Counties and the Hudson Valley,” says Ephraim S. Casper, MD, FACP, Medical Director for the MSK Regional Care Network. “The availability of IR services at West Harrison means that patients can have biopsies, venous access procedures, and numerous other IR procedures close to home, performed by interventional radiologists who work hand in hand with medical oncologists and surgeons.”

Advanced Treatments and Telecytology

Doctors using Telecytology equipment

Our IR Service utilizes cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques for cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as the most current technology for lower radiation doses. The new IR suite contains a Siemens Artis-Zee Fluoroscopy unit with full CT capability and was constructed with patients’ comfort, convenience, and safety in mind.

Telecytology equipment provides highly accurate, real-time feedback of biopsy adequacy while the patient is still on the procedure table.

IR Services provided at MSK West Harrison include:

  • venous access (mediport, leukapheresis catheter, PICC, tunneled chest wall central venous catheter, and Hickman catheter placement)
  • image-guided biopsy
  • IVC filter placement
  • fiducial marker placement
  • thoracentesis
  • PleurX® and Tenckhoff catheter placements
  • paracentesis
  • indwelling catheter management and exchange (nephrostomy, biliary, abscess)

MSK West Harrison Specialists

Three leaders in cancer treatment and research comprise our IR staff at MSK Westchester in West Harrison: Dr. Robert Siegelbaum, Dr. William Alago, and Dr. Raymond Thornton.

IR staff members with patient

Our highly skilled IR nurses provide pre-procedural and post-procedural care in a serene and caring environment. A dedicated IR anesthesia physician and CRNA provide procedural sedation.

The presence of an on-site physician improves access to services for our patients and referring physicians, creating a more seamless process for the placement of IR procedure orders, coordinating IR clinic visits, obtaining pre-procedure blood work and EKGs, and scheduling procedures, either at MSK Westchester in West Harrison or at MSK’s main location in Manhattan.

Full-Service Clinic

A fully functional IR clinic complements the IR procedure suite. Comprehensive clinic visits with IR physicians and nurses provide detailed pre-procedural instructions, less stressful procedure appointments, and continuity of care for patients. We also provide more convenient pre-procedure and follow-up appointments for patients undergoing more complex procedures at MSK in Manhattan, including hepatic artery embolization, percutaneous tumor ablation, and venous thrombolysis.

Refer a Patient

IR services at MSK West Harrison are currently available from Tuesday through Friday.

To discuss a case or refer a patient please contact the Interventional Radiology Service at 212-639-5645.

Refer a Patient
Call our dedicated clinician access number at 646-677-7440 or click the link below, and one of our care advisors will assist you with your referral needs.